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What is SiteRx?



SiteRx’s software integrates with your EHR to identify patient-trial matches for your approval. Once a patient has been approved, SiteRx automates the entire clinical trial submission process and then captures ancillary income for your practice upon successful trial registration.

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SiteRx makes it easy and rewarding to refer your patients to clinical trials.

Join the SiteRx Network and quickly start receiving effortless patient-trial matches from our industry-leading AI-based platform.

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Focus on what you do best - providing excellent care for your patients.

SiteRx's clinical trial matching platform removes the burdensome matching and administrative tasks which doctors report have kept them away from clinical trial referral.

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SiteRx generates meaningful new income for your practice.

SiteRx not only automates matching and administrative tasks, it facilitates reimbursement for your time, as you help your patients to access potentially life-saving treatments.

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Your Patients Want Access to Clinical Trials

A recent Harris Interactive Survey of 6,000 patients found the vast majority were unaware that participating in a clinical trial was even an option. When properly informed about applicable clinical trials, 3 out of 4 patients would be receptive.



of patients surveyed were unaware that participation in clinical trials was even an option


of patients surveyed said that if a clinical trial had been offered, they would have been receptive

Let SiteRx do the heavy lifting of connecting your patients with appropriate clinical trials.

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“SiteRx is an exciting presence in the neurology and clinical research landscape and is at the forefront of neurological innovation. SiteRx gives any neurologist the opportunity to join a growing community of thought leaders implementing it as a valuable tool for innovation in neurological care.”
Dr. Rudy Tanzi
Harvard University Professor of Neurology

How Can SiteRx Help Your Patients and Your Practice?


The main drivers reported for clinical trial underutilization were not knowing how to enroll patients within a trial, administrative time burdens, little to no reimbursement, and trouble matching their patient’s unique conditions to the best clinical trials and sites.

SiteRx’s free, HIPAA-Compliant software solves all of these problems.





Safe. Secure. Compliant.



Processing of the data takes place in two steps, all in transit, in memory – as a first step, a copy of the data gets pushed to an end-to-end encrypted vault, managed by a leading industry provider – TrueVault.

Identity & Access Management

Only SiteRx’s Privacy Officer will have direct access to this data, as mandated by HIPAA. Also, all identifiable information is removed from this data and then pushed to a secure, access-restricted database.


Exceeding HIPAA Compliance

SiteRx’s machine learning algorithms only run against this de-identified data to come up with accurate trial recommendations. All PHI is stored according to the HIPAA physical and technical safeguards.

“SiteRx is a true win-win for neurologists and their patients. It expands care options, while providing practices with a significant new revenue stream.”
Ira Goodman, M.D.
Board-certified Neurologist
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